nataliar77 (nataliar77) wrote,

The crossroads of tacky

I once heard Copenhagen referred to as "the crossroads of cute." That's a city I know and love and I think its an apt description. Now I think Florida should be called "the crossroads of tacky." I've already posted some evidence up here as to why that is a good way to describe Florida, but you know I have more than just Santa walking his alligator to back up my proposed name change to the Sunshine state. Such a boring title. Florida's license plates should say "Florida -- right at the crossroads of tacky." Deliciously tacky:

Buildings that look like birthday cake:

The hotel from your 1950s vacation:


And, my personal favorite. The tacky double whammy:

Bowling and beach. I can now finish my entry.
Tags: florida, giraffes, tacky

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